To carry out such an Otological Microsurgery Course with Emphasis on Minimally Invasive Techniques (OMMIT) is not  possible without the support of and contributions from companies and organizations in the  list below.

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Main Sponsor

[Karl Storz's Logo] Haag-Streit Surgical GmbH
[Anklin's Logo] Anklin
[BienAir's Logo] Bien-Air Surgery
Cochlear Cochlear
[Kurz's Logo] Heinz Kurz
insel Inselspital
[Karl Storz's Logo] Karl Storz
medel MED-EL
[Medtronics's Logo] Medtronic
moelnlycke Mölnlycke Health Care
[Novimed's Logo] Novimed
[SICAS's Logo] SICAS Foundation
Besser Hören Stiftung Besser Hören
[Uni Bern's Logo] University of Bern